Henderson PHP Developer


Prefer Media creates custom php components, plugins and entire websites for each client that needs to modify or create a custom website. With many years of knowledge and programming, we turn your ideas into the website you have always wanted. We continually update our skills to handle the new requirements for every php update. Putting PHP files and scripts into a current website is one of our specialties. We design our websites for the ability to expand on the current code that you have or just start over from scratch. We design all of our PHP websites in a way that is both desktop and mobile friendly.


We are a custom Henderson PHP developer. What make us different from most of the others out there is that we will visit you in your office to be able to get a better face to face understanding of what you are trying to accomplish with your PHP idea. In addition, we also have the required skills to fix websites that need PHP updates. Prefer Media has the skills to help you with Javascript, CSS, CSS3, CMS and most other forms of development that is current to website design.


We take every project as an individual client. We make every effort to adjust to your specific requirements. As a premiere Henderson PHP developer, we will offer you a free quote so that your design features are exceeded.


Please call or email us today. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our website.